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Portal Design - Custom Player Trading Cards

Portal Design - Custom Player Trading Cards

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With our trading cards you get a set of 50 cards of your player to share or trade with family, friends and teammates!

These cards are printed on the same card stock thickness as real trading cards with a high gloss finish!  Your players will be so impressed they will think it is the real thing!

  • Printed on 16pt 2.5x3.5" Glossy Card Stock
  • Includes 2 photos of your player (Front & Back)
  • Includes your team logo
  • We match the card colors to your team colors
  • Includes your player name & jersey number
  • Includes 2 lines of custom text on the back
  • We number your card with your player initials and jersey number so each card is unique!

Production Time: 7-10 Business Days

Shipping: We ship USPS Priority 2-3 Day Shipping on all orders!

Setup Fee
There is a $10 Setup Fee Per Order (If you are ordering as a team this charge is only one time!

Team Orders
If you order as a team and select "Team Packaging" we will create packs of all of the players into sets which include 1 of each player in the pack.  We will do this for the number of players on the team and then the remaining cards will be packed into what we like to call "Parent Packs". 

Parent packs are all of the rest of that player's cards.  Remember, each player gets 50 cards, so if there are 10 players on the team then the parent pack would hold 40 extra cards!

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